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Emma Rose specialising in vintage fashion provides a comprehensive overview of the 20th century fashion and elegance. Its exquisite collection is a tribute to Vintage Haute Couture and the time-honoured expertise of its craftsmen including French tapestry artisans, zardousi embroiders, hand painters, tailors, lacemakers in exclusive fabric like chiffon, chermousse, georgette, satin, linens, Egyptian cottons, exquisite maslin etc. Each piece is carefully designed by me from an ingenious vision as well as for the passion for the vintage fashion and the old world. And it is to today’s elegant women famous and anonymous alike, whom I owe my vocation. My unique pieces all brimming with the sense of history emblematic of a moment in fashion where I endeavour to give new life to the new owners of my vintage fashion and elegance as a harbinger of a world where exquisite meets the timeless.


Emma Rose produces critically acclaimed collections that combine time-honoured craftsmanship with an innovative future-forward outlook. A profound respect for the old world and the understanding of the subcontinental history are key considerations of the house, guiding everything from the label’s geographically specific set pieces to its impeccably crafted ready-to-wear. The brand’s unmistakable trademarks are laid bare across its varied lines. The Emma Rose labels thrives on the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity. Effortlessly honouring the tradition of its namesake, Famina Kabir has solidified the Emma Rose label as a staple of modern world couture.


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